For any book, the cover design makes the first impression on readers. It is one deciding factor in making a book a best-seller. 

The art of your book can attract attention of potential readers into buying it,  and it also serves as an essential marketing tool. For that, you must be well-informed in what the ingredients of a fabulous cover design are. Here we share with you some keys for a successful cover.

The cover it’s a sales tool

It’s important to first understand the purpose of a cover design. A cover exists primarily to attract potential readers to buy the book.  It has to relay information about the book in a way that grabs potential readers and inspires them to investigate further. It doesn’t have to tell everything about the story. It simply must represent the story in a way that generates interest and curiosity and ultimately leads to sales. If the book cover doesn’t do that it’s failed on a very significant level and  it must be replaced.

It communicates essential information

The genre, the audience, the tone… 

Is it terror? Who is the book aimed at? How does the book feel?. The cover has to convey the genre so the people understands immediately. And must be appropriate for its audience, leaving a feeling equivalent to his story.

A successful book cover grabs people on a first look. It’s competing with other covers in a marketplace and only has seconds to capture a potential reader’s attention before they’ve moved on to another title. 

For this reason, it is essential that its elements are correctly selected.

The visual elements are the stars

The title is the most important thing, it must be carefully devised. It should be quick to read and easy to remember. If you could place yourself in the reader’s shoes before you finalize on the title, it will give you a better idea of how it should be. The typography, color, and graphics are essentials to create the perfect book cover for your book. These elements are all you have to convey the essence of your story. In this process, it is essential to have a professional designer on your team. Its make the things easier.

Subtitles are very important too, especially in fiction books.  It’s an excellent way to attract the attention of the readers by giving them a short glimpse of what they’ll find in the pages of the book. It takes much less time to read than the description and immediately draws them in. Its must be under the title in a strategy place.

If you try to selling a ebook, keywords could be added to this line to make a correct SEO positioning on the web.

The spine matters

It is possible that your book is sharing space with its rivals  in a bookshelf with only its spine to display. So, you want a spine that stand out. It must be cohesive with the design and theme of the cover. The choice of text is important. Simple is better for any genre. Play attention, the spine of a book only needs the title, the author’s name, and maybe the logo of your publishing company. More information only divert the attention of the potential readers to other titles.

Creating a perfect book cover takes a lot of work. But if you can approach it from a buyer’s perspective that will help immensely. After all, the cover is ultimately a sales tool. Remember your goal, known the audience and create something original with a solid team that stands apart in the marketplace. That it’s the perfect combination.

In COLONFILM we transform all these elements into a ideas to create the perfect cover design to make your new book ready to star in any marketplace or platform.

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