Frequently Asked Questions

How the packages work?

Each of our packages contains some specific characteristics to be able to make an approximate calculation of the time that is used in the edition of the design.

Each design is unique and different, just as are the needs for each project. That is why it is important to maintain a continuous communication and inform how you want to use the budget that you have destined for your project.

All packages can be adapted to your needs. For example, if you require a larger file but do not need several revisions, we can vary the conditions of the package to adapt to your needs, as long as it is indicated at the time of ordering and is by mutual agreement between the customer and the designer.

In short, the budget will determine, mainly, the time that I will devote to its design.

About revisions

All packages include rounds of reviews that are available for you to make changes upon to the agreed design. One round consists of requesting modifications to the design, and each delivery of the modified design will be counted as one round. These reviews are made on the requirements that are received at the time of requesting the order and must be delivered in a single document per review round.

You have three days to request the modifications included in your package from the moment the design is delivered. You must give approval to all work done verifying that there are no spelling mistakes. After this period, the modifications will have a cost that will be agreed between both parties. If you want a new design that requires changing most of the elements that compose it, you must acquire a new package. To add information or modify the initial requirements, an additional amount of the 5% of the total cost will be charged for each modified file.

About the delivery time

The regular delivery time is indicated at the top of each package. If you need the design in less time, you just have to contact me to set a different delivery date or get the extra fast. Extra fast or less than regular delivery has an additional cost.
About the scheduled delivery time, the lack or delay of feedback from the customer will delay the delivery of the design.

About the images and background extraction

Each package indicates the number of images that can be included in the design. You can send me the images at the moment of placing your order, or I can select and provide them personally. Packages include stock images with distribution rights and/or loyalty free. You are responsible of the origin and distribution rights of the images you provide. Background extraction refers at the images included in the packages, destined to be part of the design. It is recommended that the images have a good quality / illumination to be able to perform the extraction in a suitable way.

About editable files

You can purchase the editable file of your design to modify it anytime you want. The file type will depend on the design you just purchased, but you will always receive a file compatible with one of the Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere or After Effects. If you want to receive a specific file type, let me know at the moment of placing your order.

What type of effects and illustrations can you include?

Some of the packages include the creation of effects, like disintegration, rain, explosions, etc., and also the creation of illustrations. If you need any of these, it’s imperative that you get in touch with me before placing your order, explaining the kind of effect you’re planning to use.

What happens if any of the packages don't meet your needs?

There is no problem. I understand that in the graphic design field it’s very difficult to specify everything, and because of that, you can get in touch with me to receive a personalized offer that better suits your needs.

What is the refund policy?

In case you’re not satisfied with the design, you can always use the revisions included with your purchased package, and if you use all the revisions, you can still add more with a small extra fee. A total refund of your purchase can be made, only before the design process begins. Once this process has begun and the first delivery has been made, refunds will not be made. This is a creative process which requires personalized attention, designs are not reusable and must be paid up front.

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