In high school, I was that kid which never seemed to pay any attention, too busy in my own world of doodles and drawings. I’ve always had a pencil in my hand since I was in diapers. Things never change, although I’m no longer in diapers. Just as I finished high school I had the idea to become a draftsman. After I got my second degree I realized I needed to squeeze out my creativity further more. In 2010, I gathered a huge video camera and a couple of friends to write and direct “Deuda de Favores”, a short film starred by Antonio Magén and Blas Laborda. With this project I got an award that was very important to me; more that I could imagine at that time. Even though it was a small contest, I learned a new way to show and share my passion. After the making of my first short film, and having gotten the instant satisfaction of other’s praises, I went on to fulfill an academic course in “Creating and designing in advertisement” and I became a part of the “Un perro andaluz” Film School. I’m so happy about having made that choice.

My love for design and video production was developed during the following years through numerous projects. Recognition didn’t stop arriving in forms of awards for all the films I involved myself in. I also worked for two years with the Real Zaragoza Soccer Club as a cameraman and video editor. And then, I started to think seriously in the possibility to dedicate my heart and soul to what really makes me happy. It was during that time in which I realized what I was supposed to do with my life.

I specialize myself in visual design and interactive design, two fantasy terms which I use to sound important and to explain how my designs work and look like. I overcompensate the skills I’m lacking of in dribbling and free kicking with my creativity. I do this because I love it. I like creating. I like the people I know. I don’t stop until the work gets done and well done, even if this means staying up very late. If I see better work than mine, I don’t say “I’ll never be able to do it”, instead I ask myself “why am I not doing it that way?” And then I do it.

“I’d rather let my ambitions surpass my talent, than my talent surpass my ambitions.”

David Colón

I don’t like Zaragoza’s suffocating heat. Air conditioning, ice cubes and indoors, where my pale skin works in, become my way of living during the summer. When I’m not feeling like an idiot because I forgot to label my Photoshop layers, I like to cook for everyone else, music, reading (no big texts, naturally) and movies. You know, stuff most kids like. Truly original. I want you to ask me how people respond when a child says he wants to be an artist when he grows up. They say: “Artists have very rough lives”. They say: “I hope you learn something practical as well, that way you’ll have something in case your thing doesn’t work out”. They say: “How do you plan to make money by being an artist?” Afterwards, I want you to remember what you wanted to be when you grew up and try to feel what it feels like when you hear those words. I wonder what would happen if people forgot about this cliché. What would happen if all the children who claimed wanting to be artists got an answer like: “What type of artist do you want to be?” What kind of a new world could we create with that simple answer? It’s not hard to encourage an artist, and the potential benefits from it are amazing. A little pat over an artist’s shoulder today could be your favorite movie tomorrow, or the painting that will leave you mesmerized while you stare at it, or the song that will save your life.


The meeting point for the passionate of the cinema.

I’m mad about design. Most people think that design is like gift wrap, simple decoration. For me, there’s nothing more important in the market than design. It is a source of inspiration, it is the essence and the human side of everything surrounding us. That’s why I pay so much attention to the details of my designs. If there is one type of designs that require more attention, that is without any doubt cinema’s posters. Those little masterpieces must be in the place they deserve: IMDb is the most popular source in the world of cinema, television and contents of artists. A huge base which allows access to millions of movies, series, actors, designers and other professionals of the sector, with valuations from experts that love the cinema as much as me. IMDb lets me have a more direct relationship with all the professionals that are members of the film industry.

Welcome to my IMDb profile:

Colonfilm’s commitment

with your satisfaction

Your confidence means everything for me. That’s why I respect your ideas and I include them in my projects in order to create a professional product, without putting aside the essence of what you want to contribute with.

My philosophy is to explain you from the very first moment what is going to happen with your project and to ask for your permission before sharing it with others. And if further on you change your mind, I will make it easy for you to cancel your agreement. All Colonfilm’s products are designed around these principles.

The more than 2,000 designs that Colonfilm has successfully delivered until now are spread among more than 70 countries, with the United States being the one with the highest demand of orders (78%).

To make possible that Colonfilm was a synonym of guaranty both in quality and customer’s satisfaction, isn’t a one-day event and I know that obtaining your confidence isn’t easy. That’s why I’ve always done my best and I will continue pushing myself to my limits so that I can keep it and deserve it.


Satisfied customers

The best creative applications for an unlimited work.

I work with the best creative applications of the world so that I can easily convert your most brilliant ideas into the best work you have ever seen. I’m able to professionally edit either in Adobe Premiere or in Final Cut, as well as in the powerful and versatile applications of Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

Mac or PC? How about both? Whatever platform you want to work at with me, it isn’t a problem. I have two professional equipments with the most popular operative systems of the world available.

  • Photoshop CC 2017
  • Illustrator CC 2017
  • Premiere CC 2017
  • After Effects CC 2017
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Windows 10
  • OS X The Captain